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We are a team of passionate, goal-oriented attorneys committed to finding innovative solutions to our clients' legal problems.  By providing timely and accurate claim analysis and zealous courtroom advocacy, our attorneys put clients in the best position to successfully manage and defend personal injury and property damage lawsuits throughout New York City and the surrounding counties.  We aim to deliver amazing service and this drives everything we do.


FUCHS ROSENZWEIG PLLC is acutely aware that success or failure in litigation often depends on the indemnification and insurance language contained in the contracts between the litigants.  Accordingly, our practice is broader than litigation, and includes the review, drafting, editing and negotiation of contracts.  We put our clients in the strongest possible position to transfer risk and to assert claims for direct, consequential or liquidated damages.


To deliver amazing client services, FUCHS ROSENZWEIG PLLC is founded on the following core principles:

  • We will maintain an environment of zealous and professional attorneys who bring passion and dedication to resolving complex cases;

  • We will promptly report all developments (good, bad, and ugly);

  • We will out-investigate plaintiffs and co-defendants to minimize surprises;

  • We will be an industry leader and innovator;

  • We will use metrics to hold ourselves accountable to our clients;

  • We will deliver what we promise, when we promise it;

  • We will propose creative and out-of-the-box strategies for success; and,

  • We will give our honest opinion, regardless of its popularity.



At FUCHS ROSENZWEIG PLLC we value people, ideas, building relationships and hard work.  We believe in hitting the ground running and that motto applies to our new hires as well. The majority of our experienced attorneys started as law school interns or recent graduates and have continued to grow over the years to become integral members of our team.

FUCHS ROSENZWEIG is currently looking for an experienced Associate.  If you're passionate about law and want to work with an amazing team of dedicated attorneys, we'd love to hear from you!


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